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Extermination camp

Extermination camp Sobibor was built as part of the Aktion Reinhardt, which was led by SS-Generalleutnant Odilo Globocnic. He had extermination camps built in Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka for the annihilation of one and a half million European Jews.

In Sobibor 170.165 European Jews were murdered; 34.313 of them were deported from the Netherlands. Roughly one in three Dutch Jews were deported to Sobibor between 2 March and 20 July, 1943. Almost all were gassed immediately upon arrival. Some thousand of them were selected upon arrival for forced labour in the camp or in one of the surrounding Arbeitslagers such as Trawniki, Dorohucza, Poniatov of Lublin. Of the deported Dutch Jews, only fifteen woman and three men survived the war.

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